High School Freshman Plan Homeschool

What's going on for home school, first year of high school, 9th grade:  

Great Books:  Read novels and history, then write a context page, take notes, write a 2 page paper:  The Well Trained Mind

Context page:   Sets the book in context, meaning when it was written, what was going on in the world, and a little information on the author, biographical, and why he may have written it.

Notes:  We used audible books this time, so bought the book as well and have marked quotations to keep.

Paper:  A character sketch of one of the characters, pages in length with quotes from the book.

Biology:  Adaptive Curriculum-- Biology, starting with middle school for review ($49)
Spanish:  Powerspeak12 online course ($123)

Vocabulary:  Get a Clue online study, level 6 ($49)

Math:  Math us see, finishing pre algebra. Other option use Teaching Textbooks.

Religion:  Seminary, study the Book of Mormon

Exercise/Health: Biking, approx 10 miles a day, private golf lessons 1 x week

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