Kitchen Chemistry

Try your hand at Kitchen Chemistry with this fun free course. You can try it this summer with your kids and get a better understanding of chemical reactions while you cook. It's geared for the older kids, so if you have teenagers, this may be a great way to start learning chemistry. You may become a better cook.

This is an MIT Open Courseware Go to the site for more information and materials.

MIT chemist Patricia Christie discusses her course, "Kitchen Chemistry," and how it makes students look at their food differently.

1Guacamole, Salsa, and QuesadillasRecipes: Guacamole (PDF), Salsa (PDF)

From the text: pp. 152, 155-7, 161-166, 202-3, 212-213, 240-245, and 36-50.

Additional Readings
2Cookie - Death by ChocolateRecipe: "Death by Chocolate" Cookies (PDF)

From the text: pp. 302-303, 321, and 397-409.

Additional Readings
3PancakesRecipe: Buttermilk Pancakes (PDF)

From the text: pp. 34-36, 270-271, 302-303, and 321-322.

Additional Readings
4BreadRecipe: Challah (Braided Bread) (PDF)

From the text: pp. 273 - 313.

Additional Readings
5Scones and TeaRecipe: Scottish Raisin Scones (PDF)

From the text: pp. 215-218.

Additional Readings
6MeringueRecipe: Mile-High Lemon Meringue Tarts (PDF)

From the text: pp. 73-80 and 181-182.

Additional Readings
7Jams and JelliesRecipe: Jam (PDF)

From the text: pp. 170-172.

Additional Readings
8Three Bean Chili and CornbreadRecipe: Three Bean Chili (PDF)

From the text: pp. 254-263, 212-213, and 240-245.

We will also be tasting beets, asparagus and artichokes. For these experiments we need to drink a glass of water, then eat either beets or asparagus. For the artichokes, drink some water, eat the artichoke and then drink some more water.
Do you notice any difference in the water?

Additional Readings
9CheeseRecipe: Lemon Cheese (PDF)

From the text: pp. 36-53.

Additional Readings
10Wacky CakeRecipe: Wacky Cake (PDF)

Find the sections in the text relevant to today's recipe!
11EmulsifiersRecipe: Vinaigrette

We will be using our dressing to make a salad, so you will get to use your chopping skills to create a healthy salad. We will also be discussing another emulsion - mayonnaise - and making yet another emulsion with soap.

Additional Readings
12Ice CreamRecipe: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (PDF)

From the text: pp. 23-31.

Additional Readings
13Peer TeachingYou are the teacher this week. You need to bring 1-3 friends to class to teach them some chemical/cooking principle. You can teach them one of the "experiments" we did in class, or pick one of your favourite recipes. The purpose of the class is to get your student(s) to think about cooking from a scientific point of view. Feel free to assign your student reading assignments, either in the book or on the Web.
14Meatballs and SpaghettiRecipes: Meatballs (PDF), Marinara Sauce (PDF), and Creme Brulee (PDF)

From the text: pp. 316-320, 608-609, 151-152, and 201-202.

Additional Readings

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