Story of the World--History Program

We enjoyed these history books and the activity books as well: Story of the World. There are four books which cover the world history.  You use one book in one year and then move to the next one in the series the next year. When we first started with the plan from Susan Wise Bauer which she talks about in her book, "The Well Trained Mind" she had not written these history books so we had to use other sources.  At first, I read the chapters to my son when he was young, and he would do the the activity page that correlated with the chapter. There is also a test. CD's are also available if your child prefers to listen, or on days your do not want to read, or to reinforce while driving around. We used them as well with success. Great read-alouds.

These books cover history from the perspective of one that believes in God. But the nice thing about these books is that they are not your typical Christian Homeschool Books. I prefer to have my textbooks not include the teachings of the trinity. She does this quite well and includes Biblical history.

The series is also available at Amazon with some great savings:

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