K12 Biology Online

I am not too sure I can give this course the two thumbs up yet.

The good things about this course--

  • The structure of daily lessons, assignments due.
  • Labs are integrated into the studies and all the supplies are sent out. 
  • There is a teacher that your student must report to and turn work in via a dropbox online.
  • Students learn to check the site daily for k-mail, post answers to discussion questions, check grades.
  • There are other students in the class
  • There is a class connect session that is live, online with audio and visual classroom with the teacher
  • The parent has access to check progress and grades of quizes.
  • The student is learning to turn work in on time for grades.

The not so good things about this course--

  • The class connect online session is not very often, maybe every two weeks for an hour.
  • It is more hands on for the parent than I expected. or maybe I just see it that way.
  • The material is  presented much like a textbook online and kind of boring considering the possibilities.
  • The student must read it just like a textbook (no audio)
  • There are no great visuals such as those that we had in Adaptive Curriculum--no flash player is ever needed--
  • The cost
My son says he liked Plato Science online better (which was cheaper but no teacher to report to), even though last year he complained  the audio had an echo sound.  The year before for middle school we used Cyber Ed which is now owned by Plato.  That was the most visually presented, with a flash player and great sound quality.
Right now I kind of have mixed feelings about it.

We will see how it goes, but these are my thoughts one month into the program.

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