K12 OnLine High School

We just finished our first semester for the K12 online icadmey. My 10th grader took Biology, English Lit and Flash Animation. All in all, I was content with his progress to transition from "mom" being his teacher to someone else. He learned to report in daily, turn work in daily and take tests to be scored. He wrote papers that were evaluated by a real teacher and he learned about deadlines. This was what I wanted. We have signed on for second semester Biology and English Lit. Flash was a one semester class and he enjoyed learning that.

High School for home school is a time for change. You want your kids to be able to go to college and report to someone other than you. This is working right now. But a year from now, I hope to have him take one class at the Junior College. So, by his senior year of high school, he will be taking all college courses. This is how we did it with my other sons, and it worked--one college grad, one completing at BYU.

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