Update on Saxon Math Series for High School

I reviewed the new Saxon math series, that includes an Algebra 1 book, Geometry book and Algebra 2 book.  In contacting Saxon about how to use the new series and how it differs with the 3rd Edition I received this email:


Typically I recommend that parents (or students) either follow the "classic" Saxon series. {Alg 1 (3rd), Alg 2 (3rd), AdvM (2nd), Calculus (2nd)} or follow the newest books {Alg 1 (4th), Geometry (1st), Alg 2 (4th), AdvM (2nd), Calculus (2nd)}.
My suggestion is that a student who starts with Alg 1 (3rd) with the intention of going into Saxon Geometry, should do all of the Alg 1 (including the integrated geometry). This is a benefit as the student works through the Saxon Geometry text. That student should then take Saxon Alg 2 (4th) after completion of the geometry text.

As most who are familiar with Saxon know, geometry is integrated throughout the curriculum. With regard to high school geometry content, the student will get 30% in Saxon Algebra 1 (3rd edition), 30% in Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd edition) then the remaining 40% in Saxon Advanced Mathematics (2nd edition). This is beneficial to the students as they tend not to forget their algebra while taking a year of geometry and then forgetting their geometry while taking another year of algebra. Typically students who follow this path will score well on ACT and SAT (providing they do every problem in every lesson).

The Saxon Geometry text was written for those who prefer to take geometry as an isolated course. Often this is a terminal course in their high school math because they are not planning to move to a higher level in mathematics.

Saxon Advanced Mathematics is often a two year course for many students. Some schools teach lessons 1-80 the first year, titling the course “Geometry/Trig” (this gets the word “geometry” on the transcript); then the second year they back the students up to lesson 60 and teach to the end of the book, titling the course “Pre-Calculus”.

Therefore the path choices for a student using Saxon are as follows:

1)-Algebra 1 (3rd), Algebra 2 (3rd), Advanced Mathematics (2nd), Calculus (2nd)

2)-Algebra 1 (3rd), Algebra 2 (3rd), Geometry (1st), Advanced Mathematics (2nd)

3)-Algebra 1 (3rd), Geometry (1st), Algebra 2 (4th), Advanced Mathematics (2nd)

Best wishes,
Dr. B Phillips
Saxon Math Help Desk

I think I will go with option 3. I do like the idea of a separate Geometry book.

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