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I found this today. My 15 year old son was having a discussion with a gentleman, in his early 60's,  at church about the Vietnam War. The man claimed that the war was only about businesses wanting to make money. My son disagreed.

So I searched online for Michael Medved's lecture on the Vietnam war. I found this site that has scoured the internet for audios and videos--free and for download.
It is called Learn Out Loud 

From there it had a link to FORA.tv  We went to the "watch online"

So we watched a video at this link:  FORA.tv  of Medved speaking at Hillsdale College on the subject:    Vietnam and The Rise of The New Left

This was our first class this morning.

It was great.

Check out Learn Out Loud, there are many audios for kids to adults, some free, some to download, some to buy.

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