The Salt Lake Temple Model

Here's my favorite miniature replica. It's the Salt Lake Temple. You get to see the rooms -- the large assembly hall, the rooms where the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve meet, the baptistry and ordinance rooms.

There is an 88 inch model of the temple at the South Visitors’ Center on Temple Square that shows cut-away sections of the rooms in perfect detail. There's even working chandeliers, furniture and paintings on the walls. Sort of a dream doll house for us girls. But men should enjoy seeing this too.

Now visitors can see what others saw during the open house in April 1893, when approximately 5,000 people toured the temple before its dedication. Construction began on the temple under the direction of Brigham Young in 1853 and was completed 40 years later, in 1893.

This short video called Between Heaven and Earth talks a little about Mormon Temples:

Read more about the model at the official LDS Newsroom.

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