"Easy Grammar" Curriculum

Easy Grammar  is my choice for teaching grammar. I hated diagraming sentences, so this is not that. What do I love about this? It is straight forward and teaches grammar with a little memorization too. Prepositions are memorized because once you identify them in a sentence, you can eliminate the prepositional phrase when looking for the subject and verb and other important parts of speech.

The books start at grade 3 and go all up to grade 12. They also have daily worksheets, called Daily Grams. I did not use these, just kept to the workbooks. I would assign a certain number of pages for my kids to do each day. We used Easy Grammar Plus after 6th grade. There are workbooks for grades 8 through 12. 

Here is a sample from the Easy Grammar Plus (after Grade 6:

Here is an example from Easy Grammar Grade 3:

Grade 5:

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