Teaching Textbooks for Math

sample lessons can be found here: Teaching Textbooks

Update: We have used the Algebra 2 Teaching Textbook for over a semester now. It is the best math curriculum we have used. The CDs are one of the best additions. Each lesson is taught with clear examples on the CD. Then your student does the problems, 20 of them. Then he grades them with another CD that shows how to do each problem. Great product. Tests and answers worked out on CD too. I can't say enought good things about Teaching Textbooks.

I am giving this a serious look. I spent some time on their website, read some reviews that were favorable and actually really like the teaching method. The problem I am having with the Saxon Algebra is my son. He hates doing his math.  My other sons didn't like it either, but I pushed along because I liked it. This just goes to show you that learning math is different for everyone.  My complaint with Saxon is there are not enough practice problems for the new concept taught in the lesson. There is plenty of review, but my kid needs more practice doing the same kind of math problems.

This series, Teaching Textbooks has CDs that go with it, and that looks good, you can see it on the website. It is expensive though...about $180. But I would like my son to enjoy math. This is worth a try. 

They offer Math 3 (3rd grade) to Pre-Calculus.

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