Chicago Says -- You Must Eat Our School Lunch -- No Home Lunches

If I lived in Chicago, this would be one more reason why I homeschool. New rule --all kids must buy the cafeteria lunch -- no food brought from home -- no more lunch boxes -- no more brown bags -- no more letting parents decide what is best for their own kids. The school principal knows best, and knows better than you parents, who are doing it wrong. (Chicago Tribune)

My kids were picky eaters, but I always managed to find something healthy I could pack in their lunch. One day, called parent's day I got the full public school experience, including the cafeteria lunch. I could barely eat two bites. First, it was meager. Second, the corn looked like the pilgrims had brought it, and it had been canned.

Memories of my school cafeteria lunches were not happy -- though they were memorable. And for a few years I never bought the school lunch, priced at 35 cents, because the "noon-aide" forced everyone to stay at the table until their plate was clean. Kids would try to hide food in the empty milk carton, or sneak it into the trash, only to be caught and forced to sit back down, eat and raise their hand to be excused for recess when finished. Some kids sat there the entire lunch recess.

I remember nasty hamburgers, and nasty, thick, pasty chocolate pudding with aged, hardened miniature marshmellows on the top. I never ate it.

But that's not the only thing that bothers me about this decision. Government does not need to be the parent to all of our children. Nor should they be. This is wrong. I would definitely clash with this principal, who believes "her way" is the only way -- not even the highway. You as a parent in that school, must buy the $2.25 lunch. More money for the government, more control. Yikes.

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more! Amazing isn't it? Added to that now we're weighing children in front of other children (yah, that won't add to childhood issues and bullying), the Nebo school district in Utah wants to track the eating habits of your whole family, and CA is monitoring your child's weight and if they're too thin or fat you have to take them to the dr and subscribe to whatever treatment they offer and the penalty for noncompliance is being turned in to CPS. Amazing! The control here is out of control and I would be outraged. I'mgrateful to be a homescholer, but worry over my ability t be one when the governmentstarts exerting this kind of control and the parents don't fight back en mass. The real irony here though is that I've seen CPS fight like crazy to rehabilitate and keep families together that have major abuse physically and/or of drugs etc and yet they're willing to take away kids because of junk food? So crazy! Thanks for writing this, I'm glad 'm not the only one who finds it scary!


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