Khan Academy -- Update -- It's Great

We have been using the new part of Khan Academy for my homeschooler. And I love this. I can track his progress, minutes spent on each subject, how well he did -- you know, did he understand this concept? Also, there are points and rewards to help your student feel like he is winning. This is better than Mario.

It is so good that I want to do it too. It's actually fun. And this guy, Sal, he has a great ability to teach.

Guess what, you do not have to pay for this education either. Quite frankly, the online interaction and teaching is much better than what is offered at K12. Oh, I know, I do like a teacher at the end of the online school and that's why we use K12 for two subjects, but not math.

Their motto over at Khan is Watch, Practice and Learn almost anything for Free.

See Getting Started to use this program as a homeschooling parent. You use your Google or Facebook Account to sign in. (you can make an account with google if you need to, that is easy.)  Your student needs an account too --either you set that up in google or if they are older and have a facebook account you can use that.

Use the Coach page to add your student and see how he/she  is doing in several categories: 

Progress Report (proficient, started, or struggling), daily activity report, exercise progress over time and class points per minute.

This program is being pilot-tested in some schools as well, but it is all free for you to use and benefit. What more can a homeschool mom ask for?

If you click on the Practice button and you are logged in, than it will record your progress, not your students.  You can choose to do an exercise and try it out, it will all be on your account. Your student will log in and hit this button to practice and choose the material for himself. If he has difficulty he can watch a short video explaining the concept first. All of this time spent is recorded for you to see -- how many minutes of video he watched, how many minutes of practice problems he did, how he did. 

All I can say, is thank you Sal Khan.

Khan Academy

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