Summer Vacation -- How Long for Homeschool?

We seem to be programed to take summer vacation in the United States. I have fond memories of June being the end of the school year and heading out to the beach. We were fortunate to have a beach home in Huntington Harbor. But, I do recall feeling bored by July 4th. Too much free time was too much.

When you homeschool, you get to plan your schedule. Sometimes this is more difficult if you have some of your kids in traditional schools, or they have friends that are in traditional schools and all get "out" for summer.

We have taken summers off and we have continued school until August and then just take that month off. I like taking longer breaks throughout the school year. It is nice to have the entire month of December off and a month break in the Spring. 

The best thing, is you can decide. Take some time and plan out your year, so that it fits your family. Maybe a vacation during the year, when every other student is in school is something you would like to try. 

You can be as creative in your scheduling your year as you are in your curriculum. Needless to say, we parent-teachers need a break, so plan it and enjoy it.

One subject I hate to stop is math. But a little break is good. One idea I am thinking about is less subjects, more concentrated study, staggered. Maybe 10 weeks for one subject and then move to another. This is in place of the traditional, 6 subjects a day, every day. In California, state schools run about 180 days.

We will see.

I am still thinking....

What are your plans?

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