Getting Ready for High School -- Math & Science

I'm always a little more excited about a new school year than my son. 

I spent a good part of the day looking at new curriculum for math and science. Algebra 2 is on the schedule and I have decided to try the Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2. I'm bidding on it at ebay, see if I can save some money. Even though I have the Saxon Algebra 2 book from my other kids, I would like to see more practice problems of the same kind for each new concept. Teaching Textbooks comes with CDs showing how to do the problems and solutions too. 

Then I looked at what was being offered at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Science this year for high school is chemistry. We decided not to do the K12 online program. We did biology last year, and it was ok, and served its purpose, but cost $375.00. I am looking at Plato online Chemistry for $49.00. We have used Plato (Cyber Ed) for the middle school sciences and they were excellant. The high school Plato Sciences require a PC, and we run Mac os x. So, we will use Parallels, which is a software program that allows us to run windows within our Apple computer. It is wonderful. (much better than bootcamp)

I have a license to Adaptive Curriculum and got them to include high school math and science. I got the license for the middle school from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, and then contacted Adaptive C. They are great people.

Enough for a day.

Photo: Michael Maggs

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