Write a Novel in One Year -- High School Writing

I just purchased the "One Year Adventure Novel" from the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op at a discounted price, for our high school writing program. I have a creative 16 year-old son, who loves to write but needs some structure to writing a great novel. We have all heard about the 15 year-old homeschool boy who wrote a novel that became a best-seller -- "Eragon" (it was adpated to a movie, also a big seller.)

How do you learn to write a great story?

Most high school English courses do not teach this. We have had several years of writing 5 paragraph essays and term papers and persuasive essays and descriptive essays and expository essays and narrative essays, but never any creative writing.

Take a look at this curriculum and read the reviews from other students and teachers. 


• Taught by an award-winning novelist.
• No prep work required; class is taught for you on DVD.
• 78 lessons, (3 per week for 26 weeks) inspire creativity and build understanding about what stories are and how they work.
• Study classic adventure stories.
• Compelling questions help your student find creative solutions.

Students learn and understand:

• Classical story structure.
• The five elements of every great story, as well as:
• Characterization, plot, setting, theme, and conflict (but in ways that are fun and exciting).
• By creating, not just analyzing; by emphasizing practical application over theory.
• How to interpret stories. They'll never read a book, see a play or watch a movie the same way again.

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  1. I totally just ordered the free DVD. I always did fine in English writing five paragraph essays, but never, ever took a creative writing class. As a mom, telling stories to my kids on a regular basis, I've dreamed of going back to college to take more story telling classes- and this looks like it might be my big chance but as a return high school student, haha!
    Thanks for the recommendation and good luck to your son!


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