The Parent-Parent Conference

Instead of the Parent-Teacher Conference, which I always hated, I have the Parent-Parent Conference. This is when I brief my husband on all the materials and subjects I'll be teaching. I'm down to one child -- a 16-year old son. One of the joys of homeschooling is that I get to choose subjects, materials and methods of learning. When things aren't going well,  I change, midway through a book. 

We go over the plans for each child -- look at his/her strengths, weaknesses, needs, and talents. Sometimes we do this over a walk, or several walks.

Some things I think about with each child (other than the basic subjects):

  • Music Talent -- piano, violin, voice, etc
  • Athletics -- team sports, individual sports and needed skills such as swimming, jogging.  Some of our kids have learned golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, fencing, weight training, archery, track, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, dance
  • Religious -- family and personal scripture study, religious books, seminary, Duty to God, Young Women, Strength of Youth, Scripture memorization, and how to hear/feel the Lord's guidance
  • Creative -- art classes, movie-making, drama
  • Foreign Language -- is there one in the family already? We have Russian, Chinese, Spanish.
  • Great Books to Read -- classics that you want to share, read together such as Robinson Crusoe
  • Travel -- any places to visit?
  • Field Trips -- close-by, maybe things your husband can do as well
  • Computer Skills -- typing and learning to use Power Point, Word, etc.
  • Friends -- the good and ones you want to avoid
  • Learning Skills -- any problems to work on

Although I pray for my kids daily, I make an effort to focus on one-at-time periodically. We start the school year with a father's blessing. Since my son just had his 16th birthday, this happened when my husband ordained him to Priest. We used to do it on a family home evening. I've always been pleasantly surprised how excited my kids are to get a blessing.


  1. Hello! Stopping in and following from Latter-day Homeschooling. I am a new blogger with you! I'm having a fun time getting to know everybody through their blogs. :) Have a great week!

  2. I heard about something like this in a book one time (taking inventory on your child's progress in different areas). I always mean to do it but my kids are still very young and I seem to forget often.
    I'm gonna tell my Mom about your blog. She just started homeschooling my youngest sister.


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