Words And Their Stories

One of the best compliments I get for my homeschooled kids is their great vocabulary. Somehow, in the public schools, vocab is much over-looked or very boring -- memorization and recall.  We have tried a number of textbooks and programs. I love Vocabulary from Classical Roots. The big drawback is the traditional teaching method -- not visual at all. So, I keep going back to this one --

Words and Their Stories. It used to be called Get-A-Clue, but it has been changed in title and visual format. It is online and you can try out the demo here: Demo 

It covers things like word derivation, root meaning, usage in a story:

The six key elements of learning:
  • Derivation: understand the "story" behind the word
  • Clue #1: apply information contained in the Derivation
  • Clue #2: draw upon prior knowledge
  • Clue #3: infer meaning from context clues
  • Clue #4: complete an analogy
  • Clue #5: analyze context to complete a sentence

My best buy info is at the homeschool buyers Co-op. The price  is $49.95. Regular price is $150.00, so you can see that this is a good deal.

You get one student and one teacher subscription. Additional student subscriptions are available for $25.
There is automatic scoring and you can log on as the teacher and see how your student is doing. You really do not have to do much, but the program is so much fun you may want to do it too.

Grades 5 - 12 Learn over 1000 words.

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