The HomeSchool Happiness Hour

It's important to be happy when you're home all day with your kids, being the teacher and the mom. No one likes a crabby face when faced with math, science or grammar. But, it's inevitable; some days are not your perfect day. Some days you are overwhelmed, some days your kids are grouchy. Homeschool is a tough course, but we have found some help with happiness.

Dennis Prager, talk radio host, has a Friday program called "The Happiness Hour." We listen to Dennis Prager take calls and give reasons why we all have an obligation to be happy. He looks at  happiness like personal hygiene -- you wouldn't run around with body order -- you bath, you wear deodorant, brush your teeth and the like. 

When you are unhappy people don't want to be around you, in fact it's almost catching. Have you ever tried to remain upbeat and positive when someone is down and gloomy? All happy people have problems and troubles, no one escapes these. But we do have a choice to mumble grumble and make everyone else unhappy or we can smile and look at the bright side of life. He gets calls from people who struggle with this, but work on it daily.

His talk radio show is available on the internet for free at The Dennis Prager Show (9 - 12, M-F, Pacific Time.) The Happiness Hour is the second hour on Fridays. Or you can subscribe to the show and listen without commercials and when you want.  That is called Praggertopia and there is a fee for this service ($7/month or $55/year.) You can join at his website or find it in the itunes store. All my kids listen and learn from Dennis Prager. It is a great break from the traditional school books, it is live and current and once a week you get a boost on "happiness."

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