Future Film Makers

I'm always looking at how to improve homeschool. This is especially true for high school. I never planned on this homeschooling for high schooling. But, it has become a passion, now my third son is in the midst of the whole high school experience. Each of my kids are different, and have unique talents. 

My last here, is not into the athletics, so I'm spared trying to find ways to compete in CIF and club soccer. 

He is more into the arts. Four weeks ago he started an 8-week class at The Doc School (Documentary Foundation) to learn and produce a documentary film. 

I look at it like this:  if your kid wants to play sports in college, he has to get the experience at a young age. Film is no different. So, he is working in a group of four other youth (all who go to either a public or private high school) to produce a short doc film. I will keep you updated, but it's about the raw milk controversy here in California (it's against the law to buy it.) My son has a sense of humor, so expect some of that as well.

He wrote an essay and got a scholarship to cover the costs, thank goodness.

Here he is going into his first class (hubby is leading the way):

Check out one of the schools short documentaries: Age of Champions

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