Make the Gold Plates

The Book of Mormon was forged on Gold Plates, which is not easily understood by our young kids.

"Plates...the kind we eat from?"

My husband wants to get some sheets of ore to help the kids understand this ancient way of writing. The metal would have to be soft enough to use a stylus so they can understand the difficult process of recording.

Until then, I have used some simple materials for the kids to make their own "Gold Plates." 

The Maxwell Institute has some good descriptions of the plates from witnesses here. Share these with your kids.

Gold contact paper (I got mine at a craft store, but Amazon has some too.)
Cardboard (stiff)
Black Sharpie pen
Copy of the Reformed Egyptian letters (Anthon Transcript)
Hole punch
Gold rings
Cut the cardboard into desired sizes. Cut the contact paper to match and apply to both sides of the cardboard. Show the kids how to copy the Reformed Egyptian characters using a Sharpie pen. Punch holes and use the rings to join the plates.

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