"My Son Isn't Happy at School"

I recently had two moms email me about homeschooling their teen. I was excited to share my years of experience and encourage them to take the leap. Both of them described that their teen was not happy, hated going to school and wanted a change. These were some of my options: (all of which I have used)

1.  High School through K12, the online school. Many school districts offer this as a charter type option and you do not have to pay for it. Of course, all the work is done at home on the computer.

2.  High School through the Independent High School that is offered in their County -- Pacific Coast High. Kids get to meet weekly for science labs and math classes, work is turned in at 3 pm every Friday. Teachers interact with the kids, in person and email. Check your local board of education to see if there is such an option. Some are better than others. Some have homeschooling kids feeding into their school, and not the kids that get thrown out of a traditional high school.

3.  Plan your own curriculum, function as your own private school. (harder for first-timers)

4.  Use the Junior College system, start your son or daughter in one class at a time. We used this from the junior year of high school to the senior year. By the senior year of high school, my son was a full time college student at the nearby college.

At the end of the day, both moms decided to just keep their kids in the public school. One husband felt that his son needed the socialization. The other mom said her daughter was going to try another high school, public, nearby. 

I was kind of disappointed. But I know that from the outside, looking in, homeschool high school looks too hard. But I also know how wonderful it is too.

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