"Old School" is Not Always the Best School

Education is changing. It is easier to homeschool because there are more resources on the web.

Some of these are not "made for homeschooling", but they are part of the new educational movement. This is a movement to transform the "old school" method of sitting still, reading a textbook, taking a test, and being at the mercy of the teacher -- who may or may not be sensational.

But even so, some parents are leery to homeschool. Some parents are so indoctrinated by the "old school" method of brick and mortar schools, that they can't make the big step. (I was this way.) Some just don't have time, true. Some must work double jobs and are barely keepin' it together. Some don't feel competent. But I am always interested to hear how other parents do it.

One of the difficult tasks for me was to break out of the box of traditions. When I first started to homeschool I enrolled in the program run by the school district. They gave books and set the agenda. Work was turned in once a month, class meetings were once a week for about an hour or so.  It wasn't long before I was looking at other curriculums and adding them. 

Several years down the road and I dropped the public school homeschool and registered as a private school. But even then, when I had a son of high school age, I was unsure of what to teach. I used all the materials from my older son that had gone to public school. We used his AP English lessons. 

I felt that I must teach at-home what and how they teach at public school. It worked fine, but I sensed that there was more we could do. I felt guilty of not testing enough. But I have come to find out that you do not have to do it just like the public schools. I have two homeschooled sons that have graduated from college, one going on to med school. My fears were not warranted.

My last son is getting the best of my homeschooling years. I am more flexible in my thinking and teaching methods. He has dyslexia, so already we had to think beyond the traditional. 

Today, there is so much more to choose from -- so many great materials. Think outside of the traditional box, and don't feel guilty about your choices. Old School is not necessarily the best school. Next post we look at some of those great resources.
The Traditions:

 It's time for a change.

I remember putting my chair on my desk.

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