Three Things to Do When it's a Bad Day for Homeschool

Please tell me you know what I'm talking about. You have too many things to do, too many interruptions, and you still need to homeschool today. Your kids are feeling a little burned out too. Sometimes, we don't give ourselves permission to get off-schedule. We keep thinking like the public school that has tight schedules and bells that ring. Forget it. This is one of the reasons we love to homeschool. But, it helps to plan ahead so you can quickly transition into a less-scheduled day.  Here's some of my fail-proof ideas:

1.  Reading Day. My kids have begged for a reading day. Like I said they need a break too. Keep a box or shelf of books that are fun reading. But, your kids may want to read their assigned book too. If you don't have a large collection of books, try Kindle or an ipad or the Library (remember the library?) You could even use audio books. If you have some good ones, be sure to let me know. My kids always loved to hear my hubby read to them -- he would do that at bedtime. But you can also read at anytime of the day. My kids liked The Summer of the Monkeys in elementary years. Also, The Alchemist was fun. Of course, they all loved any of the C.S. Lewis Narnia books. The high school boys loved Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. The youngest of the bunch read all of The Wimpy Kid Diaries.

2.  Video Day. We have a large collection of History Channel DVDs and nature shows and Standard Deviant videos and programs I recorded back in the day I had TV -- Magic School Bus and The Discovery School. If you do not, consider adding one or two over time. But, you can find these at netflix streaming, if you are a member (it's pretty cheap, $8/mo.) Or Amazon instant view has some too. The History Channel website offers video streaming.  There's a few videos to stream at Discovery Channel Nature.  If you have a subscription to Discovery Education, they have many to choose from, they even have The Magic School Bus. Anyway, get yourself a library of video options.

Instant View at Amazon:

3.  Talk Radio Day. If your kids are teens this works. They hear current events, ideas and get a view of the world. My kids have become very knowledgeable and interested in our country by listening to talk radio.
Our favorites are:
Dennis Prager -- try the happiness hour on Fridays.
Michael Medved 
Hugh Hewitt

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