Learn to Multiply with 16,000 Honey Strings

It's called Korean Honey Strings, or The Kings Dessert, or Dragon's Beard Candy. Watch this guy go from two plus two to four plus four to...16,000 strands of honey candy. It's entertaining to be sure.
I'm not sure if this guy knows his multiplication tables, but I thought it might be a fun way to teach it to the kids. Yea, it probably makes a bit of a mess, but on one of those homeschool days when you just have to get out of the grind, this may be the ticket -- or a trip to Korea. If you make a big mess, don't blame me. But leave me a note if you have success. If your kids are little, I think you better do the pulling and let the kids do the multiplying.

If you want to make it, see the recipe and instructions at Instructables. Its made of sugar, water, maltose or corn syrup, and a teeny bit of vinegar (to help the sugar crystallize). The fillings vary, but they can be ground nuts, or at this place, cookies and cream.

These photos are from a little stand in Irvine, at the Irvine Spectrum, just where I used to live and shop. I'm going to see if I can find the place next weekend when I'm there.

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