Bread mold that kills bacteria -- science lesson

Time to learn about the good things in bread mold and blue cheese. Yep, let's teach the kids about penicillin. 

In bread mold, Penicillium consists of a network of filaments (hyphae) known as a mycelium (white). It has numerous reproductive spores which are the green/grey areas. The mold is penetrating the bread, using the moisture and nutrients to grow.

There are many forms of Penicillium, some of which we eat -- in cheese. I love Brie and I love blue cheese. It's also used in making gorgonzola cheese. And of course, it is used as an antibiotic.

Penicillium notatus which produces penicillin:

Camembert of Normandy - French cheese
Camembert of Normandy - French cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Penicillium roqueforti used in making Roquefort and Danish Blue cheese

Danish Blue cheese
Danish Blue cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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