Tell me how Noah survived that ark life

It's one of those stories that seem to require a great deal of faith, that is until you have days of rain and then you understand, yes, this could happen in 40 days of down pour. Hugh Nibley said that it was an awful voyage for Noah, he was sick, it was icy cold and he coughed blood; so it was no easy journey, it was worse than those cute stories we read to the kids.

Noahs Ark

Noahs Ark

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Possible location where the ark rested:

Replica of Noah's Ark built by a Dutch contractor, Johan Huibers.
It was built approximately to scale, however is 1/2 the length and 1/3 the width of the Biblical dimensions. It was built to show the world how massive the Ark was and how so many animals could have been housed for a long time. It was built in smaller scale so it would be able to travel around Europe, navigating the canals, bridges, and rivers en route:

 Here is another idea for the ark:

The following images are found at MaritimeQuest:

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