Free Online Courses for High School and You

You have to try one of these free college courses at Coursera. I would say that ages 13 to 80 will enjoy them.  My 17-year old son is enrolled in Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, the Modern World.

The courses start on a specific date, so stroll through the options and see if you find anything. So far, my son is enjoying the class. He has several videos to watch that are posted by the professor, then a reading assignment, then a writing assignment of 270-320 words. Next he reviews peers writings and a few of them review his work as well. That may be the one thing that has some negatives, although some pluses too. It depends who reviews and his level of understanding. But my son loves the videos, the readings, the assignments and reviewing other students.

There's 116 courses from 16 different universities. Its all free, so you won't lose a thing for trying it out.

This is the 10 week course set-up for Fantasy and Science Fiction:
  1. Every Thursday, a new unit starts with an introductory video from the professor.
  2. The student has five days to read a novel and then write a 270-320 word essay.
  3. The essay is submitted on Tuesday and the student receives five random essays to grade and provide anonymous feedback.
  4. On Thursday, feedback is received from the peer evaluations and the cycle starts over.
The students cover a global network, all ages. It is very interesting.

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