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I wanted a physics course that had less math and was more about understanding how things work. I found this course offered at UC Berkeley, called Physics for future Presidents. It's hugely popular and is now available online for free. The format is lecture, presented on youtube, but I found the syllabus and have purchased the book to go with it. I hesitated about buying the book, to save money, but decided to go for it and give it a try. The first class video was easy to understand and follow. I think it is important to understand the concepts of gravity, light, energy, and the laws of thermodynamics. This is especially true when you realize that helps you understand the universe and how God works within those structured laws.

Course Syllabus and home page

Course videos

Here is a sample of the course schedule, from which you can make your own:

Physics 10 class schedule for Spring 2011 (Last Updated 05-Feb-2011 1PM)

Tu Jan 18EnergyBio due
Th Jan 20Read Ch 1Energy
Tu Jan 25Read Ch 2Atoms HeatHW news
Th Jan 27Atoms Heat
Tu Feb 1Read Ch 3GravityHW news
Th Feb 3Gravity
Tu Feb 8Read Ch 4RadioactivityHW exam questions
Th Feb 10Nuke Reactions
Tu Feb 15Read Ch 5NukesHW old exam
Th Feb 17Nukes
Tu Feb 22Read Ch 6Electricity & MagnetismHW old exam
Th Feb 24Electricity & Magnetism
Tu Mar 1Midterm I Ch 1-5
Th Mar 3Read Ch 7Waves
Tu Mar 8WavesHW news
Th Mar 10Read Ch 8Light
Tu Mar 15LightHW old exam
Th Mar 17Read Ch 9Invisible Light
Tu Mar 29Invisible LightHW exam questions
Th Mar 31Read Ch 11Quantum
Tu Apr 5Midterm II Ch 6-10
Th Apr 7Quantum
Tu Apr 12Read Ch 10ClimateHW news
Th Apr 14Climate
Tu Apr 19Read Ch 12RelativityHW news
Th Apr 21Relativity
Tu Apr 26Read Ch 13UniverseHW old exam
Th Apr 28Universe


Other sources for physics Khan Academy.

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