Free online U.S. History Course at Hillsdale College

Another free history course is just starting up -- online and superior content for your high school students. It's called History 102 -- American Heritage, from Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution. Sign up at Hillsdale College for this online course here.

  1. "Introduction: How to Think About American History"
    Larry P. Arnn
    Lecture Available February 25
  2. "Colonial Settlement"
    Mark Kalthoff
    Lecture Available March 4
  3. "Enlightenment and Natural Rights"
    Terrence Moore
    Lecture Available March 11
  4. "The American Founding"
    Paul Rahe
    Lecture Available March 18
  5. "Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers"
    Paul Rahe
    Lecture Available March 25
  6. "The Crisis of the Union"
    David Raney
    Lecture Available April 1
  7. "The Gilded Age and the Robber Barons"
    Burt Folsom
    Lecture Available April 8
  8. "Progressivism"
    Paul Moreno
    Lecture Available April 15
  9. "America as a World Power"
    Tom Conner
    Lecture Available April 22
  10. "The Reagan Revolution"
    Terrence Moore
    Lecture Available April 29

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