No homework pays off

Students may do better with less homework.
When I went to school we didn't have "homework" until 7th grade. We had to write a few reports in elementary school, but we didn't have homework every night. We didn't carry backpacks stuffed with books, we didn't have homework contracts that our parents had to sign so they knew what was required.
We left our books at school in our desks.
In the 1960s, I came home from elementary school, changed my clothes (because we had to wear dresses to school) and went out to "play" --  I put on my "play clothes." I ran around outside with my friends.
Later, when I got books and homework, I thought I was pretty grown-up. And I took it seriously and did my work.
My first two kids went through public school. I was fully involved with all the parent responsibilities and I knew the rules for homework. Twenty minutes in kindergarten, and adding more minutes each year.
When my third child started 5th grade, I became fed-up with some of the silly homework his teacher was sending home. (Please write an essay on how you figured out that 7 x 6 = 42.) I pulled him out and homeschooled him along with his older brother who was in 7th grade. It was my first year of homeschool. I found out that we could cover more work in less time. Instead of six hours of school and  three to four hours of homework, my kids did it all in four to six hours.
Now this is what I've noticed. My 5th and last child is 17 and has started college. He loves his classes. He loves his homework and even reads the textbook for anthropology. He enjoys his homework.
I think kids get too much homework in traditional school and then they burn-out in the higher grades. Other parents are noticing the same thing and some elementary schools have dropped the homework.

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